Awesome battery dressing

What does it look like without the silicone boots on?

Also, I found a long-barrel 90º for 6awg wire #6 AWG 1/4" Bolt 90 Degree Long Barrel Compression Lug - 54905BEUB — Excess Supply

I think the all metal ones are more robust; I was underwhelmed by the plastic covered metal ones I bought.

Sorry, I can’t find a picture right now. I’ll try to remember to take one next time I’m at the build space.

Score! It turns out McMaster sells those little clippies! Of course they are over $1 each… but you don’t have to buy a 40 year supply at once!

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Heyco sells two clips for under $0.50 I ordered samples of both and will report back.
Heyco Edge Clip 15203
Heyco S6474


I bought a full bag of the Panduit variation at around $0.10-12/ct on ebay a few years back, probably just lucky with the timing. We usually build 6+ new batteries per year so we’ll get through them.

As part of my sewing training for bumpers, we make Battery Bags. This gives the battery a handle to discourage picking the battery up from the cables. They use the scrap material from our bumpers which gives new sewers experience with the heavier material. The design has a clear window where you can put a card showing Charged or Drained hat can be read from across the pits or across the room. More information is available at 00 FRC Project Guide-Battery Bag - Google Docs.

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We did something similar! Ours are just loops of bumper fabric that you put around a battery. By gripping the loop tightly, the friction between the loop, your hand, and the battery mostly keeps the battery from slipping, and the loop holds the battery really nicely. It only takes one seam to make the loops, which is good when you don’t have lots of extra people to do stuff.