awesome frame needs to lose weight
the rest of the gallery is here…

After 6 hours of welding and another 4 of polishing we had a frame. To bad this frame weighed more then we could allow. Above student mentor Dan helps us with the weight loss program and right now we fit it inside of our weight budget.

Another day in the life of a FIRST family.


Looks like a nice frame. Crab Drive I’m Assuming? At least you’re losing weight with 2 weeks to spare instead of having to lose a few pounds the day before ship. :smiley:

You would be correct with the Crab Drive but we’ve also got some tricks up our sleeves for competition. Last year we were like 4 lbs under weight and we got really surprised when we came in over weight this early haha

The frame looks very nice.

Since I’m assuming that you would expect hits from the back of the robot and not the top, I’m wondering why you are drilling your lighning holes in that direction (horizontal face) rather than on the vertical faces of that box tubing.

P.S. PM me and we can do some collaborating here in NH :wink: