Awesome FRC Experiences!

2010 Championship in Atlanta, GA.

It was my rookie year as a member of Team 1305 (Ice Cubed), and we were staying at the same hotel as Team 1730 (Team Driven). There was heavy traffic on the interstate between the Georgia Dome and our hotel, so our coach bus driver decided to take a back-road scenic route. While this is happening, a couple of our members spot a trailer, brightly painted with Team 1730’s branding all over it, sitting in a junk yard. When we arrive at the hotel, we find out that 1730’s trailer has been stolen (with almost everything they owned inside) and their mentors are giving a statement to Atlanta Police.

We let them know what we saw, and a few members and mentors jump in a car and lead the officers to the junk yard. Long story short, a wanted drug dealer had stolen it from the hotel parking lot, the police recovered the trailer, and the suspect was arrested. Our team ended up winning the Gracious Professionalism Award at the Championship that year.

It’s one of my favourite FIRST memories.

Rookie year (2012) @West Michigan District Event

We were disabled in a match due to “saggy bumpers”. Team 107 (never asked them to do this) immediately came to our pit and helped us solve the issue. This was after any and all matches we would play with them so they had no incentive other than the spirit of GP to help us.

Really showed me the spirit of this program from our team’s rookie season. Certainly instilled in me a sense to pass along this concept to any and all rookie teams at our events.

Thanks Team 107!