Awesome job 3138!


What an unbelievable rookie season! Finalist at two regionals, Rookie All Stars at the same two regionals all capped off with a little trip to Einstein and the Championship RAS! In the world of FRC, it doesn’t get much better than that for rookie teams - or most veteran teams for that matter… We look forward to seeing you at the iSpace event on May 1st and working with you for the years to come. Simply Awesome Job!

Congratulations, team 3138! You guys were fantastic!

And Rookie All-Star on top of that! Congratulations on a fantastic rookie year 3138.

From fellow rookie team 3129, who knows precisely how hard it is to be “the new guys,” congrats on your amazing accomplishments! Can’t wait to see you even stronger next year.

Started off with a bang! Nicely done 3138. I look forward to seeing you guys at future world championships.

Being pit-neighbors with you in Pittsburgh, I could tell you guys already had your act together more than most veteran teams I know. You guys deserve everything you’ve had this season. Congratulations again.


I was watching on the webcast.
You guys had an impressive bot, cool, effective, and simple.
I was rooting for you guys all day.

Congratulations on your great season.

When I saw this team, and this robot, I found it hard to believe that they were rookies. They reminded me of Team Overdrive of last year.

Their simple, yet effective and elegant machine was one of my favourites of this year. Their kicker was one of the coolest I saw, along with their “ball magnet” that they had at Pittsburgh. It was nothing more than a piece of curved Lexan with double sided tape. It worked very well, and it was amazingly simple.

I look forwards to competing with this team for years to come, and I can’t wait to see their 2011 robot. It’s going to be a great one.

Congrats Innovators, you are awesome.


3138 was awesome, and they really whipped us in the divisional semifinals. 2056 and 1625 were amazing teams, but what let them shine is 3138’s ability to steal balls and kick them from the far zone. Their far zone steal-and-kick lead to their alliance beating ours quite soundly. Congratulations on a great robot and a great result at the Championship.

Let me just start off by saying that 3138 was by far the steal of the second round on Galileo. They were near the top of both 1625’s and our own pick lists and they did not disappoint. Having seen them play in Pittsburgh, I knew they had a fantastic close zone game, but I had no idea that they would be that effective in the far zone. They were a huge part of our strategy throughout the tournament. Their ability to clear balls from the far zone all the way to the close zone was a huge asset, but their ability to actually score from the far zone was the difference maker in several matches along the way. These weren’t just lucky shots either… They were consistently hitting multiple shots from the far zone every match.

They were an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the tournament and maintained focus and composure all the way. I’m looking forward to seeing big things from this team in the years to come.

They should remind you of Overdrive - FRC 3138 was the former FTC 3311. Yet another successful FTC team making the jump to FRC. Sounds more and more like this is a sound progression from FIRST n00b to a top notch program.

3138 was about as prepared a rookie team as you can get. They showed great initiative in lining up resources and learning about all aspects of FRC well ahead of the January kickoff. They eagerly pursued an intense summer/fall training and preparation regimen. They didn’t remain on an island - instead, they sought advice and assistance from several veteran Ohio teams from opposite sides of the state, including their primary mentor 1038, as well as 48 and 379. They learned of the rigors of the FRC build and competition seasons, and, once given access to one, they learned how to manipulate the FRC control system better than many veteran teams by the time their prep phase ended.

After observing them in person at both their regionals this season, watching the Innovators compete as part of the awesome 1625, 2056, 3138 alliance up close throughout the Galileo and Einstein eliminations was one of the highlights of my season. For the third event in a row, I’ve watched them deal with a combination of great success and quirky adversity (loose PWM cable, troubleshooting and repairing a dead motor in their drivetrain, getting stuck in a goal). They’ve experienced great highs as well as unexpected lows at the brink of ultimate victory, and they’ve handled the resultant spectrum of emotions with poise and professionalism.

After they lost on Einstein, I was guardedly confident I’d hear their name called one more time, and I was not disappointed. Nothing erases the frustration of a tough loss more than winning the Championship Rookie All-Star Award. :wink:

It was a completely new and exciting experience this year for local NEOFRA teams in Northeast Ohio to work with 1038 to help out a rookie team on the other side of the state. Many teams across Ohio are working to organize an “OhioFIRST” statewide partnership, and knowing that a great young VETERAN team like 3138 (I think they’ve graduated :D) will have an active role in that process only makes me more optimistic that this partnership will succeed.

First of all, I’d like to thank all of the teams that helped us prepare for this year’s FRC competition: Teams 48, 379 and 1038, you all are awesome for allowing us to come under your wing and teaching us most of the ways of FRC early on in the summer/fall. I’m quite positive when I say we could’ve have done as good as we did if not for all of your help.

Also we have quite the major thanks to give to our Galileo Winning Alliance Partners: Teams 2056 and 1625. Thank you so much for picking us to be in your Alliance, and hopefully we pulled our weight to show off our Galileo pride on Einstein with you.

I will say now for the whole team that this was probably one of the greatest ways to end our Rookie FRC season than being on the Alliance that won Gallileo, getting to Einstein, and winning the Rookie-All Star at Nationals. Now I think that is an Epic way to get into the FRC community, and as I keep telling my Teammates, our name is now out there for the World to know about!

And though this is my first time hearing about the “OhioFIRST” statewide partnership, I am already wanting to be a part of it. Being part of a partnership like that would be great for Spreading the FIRST message, and encouraging more teams in the State to start up!

One last thing, starting to be associated as a young Veteran team is a real morale booster for the whole team, so thanks for all the comparisons! You don’t know how much that means to us when we hear that.

Team 3138’s Student Marketing Leader

Don’t doubt that for a second, you guys were killer

On behalf of fellow rookie team 3193, congratulations on an amazing season! Seeing your team in action both in Pittsburgh and Cleveland was a treat. I pointed your team out in Pittsburgh as my favorite to win RAS hands-down at the Championship. A great organization top to bottom.

As for your students, they’re the example I point to when I think of GP in a rookie team: friendly, dedicated, helpful, easy to talk to, never complaining about their unfortunate introduction to “Murphy’s law” and the little issues that kept them from even more accolades.

I’m looking forward to working with you all for many seasons to come!

We, on 1747, loved your guys’ team! We loved your robot and your overall enthusiasm!

When we met you at Buckeye we knew that you guys were going to do very well! And then when they started mentioning who was going to Einstein on the big screen, me and a couple buddies of mine were so VERY excited to see you guys made it!

Congrats and we hope to see you all next year! If not sooner :slight_smile: