Awesome!! Just got word back from my top choice college!

I’ve been admitted early to Rice U. in Houston!


Any other FIRSTers going there?

I just wanted to say good job for you… I don’t think ne1 from 71 is going but I may be wrong. Once again; good job… have fun.

-Greg The Great


I’m still waiting for my early schools… you’d think some of these tech schools would have made application-reading-and-deciding robots to speed the whole process up a bit, or at the very least, have a system where you could find out online or through e-mail or something

Yeah, you’d think so, but MIT **only ** notifies people through snail mail.
Well, congratulations, it’s always nice to see so many happy people at this time of year.

Yeah, I know :mad: Mine’s mailed out Monday, so I’m going to find out Wednesday or Thursday

So sweet that U.Penn. put all their early decisions on thier admissions website friday the twelth at 3, def better than waiting for it in the mail.

And yes i did get in.

Rice mails out on monday, but I got a special email with a subject “Your admission status has been changed”

You see, it linked to a site where you log in and find out if you got in.

You also had to go through a registration process to find out. I almost had a heart attack.

…I finally heard back from one of my two early schools… the envelope was bigger than normal, so my hands were shaking as I opened it. Turns out I got in. I’m shocked. I can guarentee all of you that there’s no chance in hell I would have gotten in if it wasn’t for robotics and FIRST, so thanks FIRST.

Now the question is are there any teams in or around Pasadena, California?

Monday, I heard from one of my top choices, WPI. I got accepted, and I know Mel (yearbook50) and Gui (I forgot his CD username) both also got accepted. Any other FIRSTers get accepted to WPI early?

Gui Cavalcanti. I know…it’s sooooooooooo hard :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations everyone :slight_smile:

Yeah, there’s quite a few around (I’m not too sure about Pasadena, though). The team I work with is located very close to Pasadena.



And I *still * haven’t heard. Maybe they send out the rejection letters later than the acceptance ones. :frowning:

Aye… Caltech.

Like I said, though, if it wasn’t for robotics, there’s no way I could have gotten in. Half of my application was essentially what I did for robotics.

What school are you waiting for?

Congratulations. I’m still waiting to hear from MIT. All the deferral letters got sent out already…

Yep, I got into WPI. :slight_smile:

Soo many FIRSTers are already there… woo!

I am so anxious to hear from MIT, not for me, lol, but for my friend Jackee. I have called her house ever day since Monday wanting to find out. I am sure you would post as soon as they heard, but have you gotten MIT letters yet?

Personally i didnt apply early anything, but i did take advantage of rolling admissions at Penn State UPark. I got accepted in mid-Oct. But my first choice is UDelaware and I am anxiously waiting for the letter.

980 would be the closest I believe. 589 and 696 are not far away (20 mins). Will you be attending CalTech or it’s just one of your options?

I got accepted to Cal Poly Pomona on admissions day. I was the only person from my school who got in. It’ll still be a while until I hear from the rest I applied to.

I haven’t decided yet. I guess I’m still a little uneasy about leaving the east coast… on the one hand, I love the school, on the other, casually going back home or meeting up with high school friends is going to be near-impossible. Have any of you college FIRST-people have had a similar expierience - going to the other side of the country for college, I mean. How did you handle it?

Moving across the country takes some time to adjust to, but it’s not really all that terrible. It’s just important that you develop a network of friends and support that’s local so that, if you do get lonely or homesick, you’ve got people around to make you feel better.

Of course, I think you’d be fine, Dan, and will do well whereever you decide to attend.

SuperDanman: If you care to share - what was your class rank, gpa, AP classes, etc, etc that helped you get in?