Awesome videos from 2001/2002 of Team 71

While organizing a gigantic box of my CD’s/DVD’s/Software yesterday I came across two DVD’s that John V-Neun sent to me probably 5 or 6 years ago.

The first is a season recap video made by Team 71 after their 2001 Championship winning season. This features one of the most dominant robots of all time and shows what appears to be every official match they played in, along with a photo slideshow of the season, some behind the scenes video of the team prototyping/designing the robot, and some media coverage of the team.

The second is of their 2002 Championship winning season (again!!) and follows the same format. This contains the epic Einstein semifinal matchup vs Team 60 (two of perhaps the five most dominant robots of all time facing off at the height of their game) as well as the finals vs Team 180. This video also appears to have many/all of their official matches as well as all of their matches at IRI.

I think John may have posted part/all of one of these videos on his blog awhile ago, but I cannot find it anymore. I thought these were an awesome piece of history that would be pretty cool for those who never got the chance to see either robot or only saw one of the very few clips available on Youtube. Another special treat is Woodie MC’ing and Blair announcing on Einstein. They are quite long but worth browsing through.

2001 Season Recap
2002 Season Recap
2002 IRI Qualifications
2002 IRI Eliminations

Again, credit to John for giving me these originally.

I can’t wait to watch these!!! Is there any way that you can make the first two videos available on mobile? I’m sure entry lacking a computer an have just an iPod to watch with.

These are awesome! Finally, some higher quality footage of 71 in 2002. As far as I know, this is the only video of 71 flopping down, and a lot of close up footage of one of the most inspirational robots.

Youtube doesn’t like that it contains copyrighted music and has blocked mobile viewing. Not sure what to do about that. Sorry.

Use a browser, not the Youtube app. Disable mobile viewing and it will work.

Thank you for posting these. I can’t wait to see some more video of the 2002 Beast, but even more I can’t wait to get some insight into the creation of such a crazy machine.

From what I recall from Bill Beatty’s old posts, the idea for that robot originally came during a brainstorming session in which a freshman threw out the crazy idea. I guess they analysed the game and found it to be a viable and effective chokehold strategy.

Thanks Cory, these videos are amazing, sharing them with the team for some summer inspiration.

Anybody remember how the 2002 IRI ended? It’s never fun to have an event end by DQ, but you can see how awesome Andy was at handling that situation back then.

I could be wrong, but I think it was a rookie parent who threw this idea out. No matter what this shows how important it is to not shoot down any ideas immediately just because it came from a rookie. Anyways, these are truly awesome videos, and I am ready to spend all night going through them. Thanks Cory and JVN.

It is too bad that the carpet ripping match described here is not in it.

So THAT’s why Kevin kept putting a rubber ducky on our driver console all these years :wink:

What I find amazing is all the current mentors shown in the video as either mentors or students in 2001-02. Yes we are still around.

Not to derail the thread, but you don’t happen to have any videos of 60 spinning the goals in 2002 in that box, do ya? I’ve been searching for a clip for as long as I can remember, but the only videos I’ve found they’re either broken, or going up against The Beast and never get a chance to lift and spin. I’m really hoping SOMEONE has a clip of the Bulldogs doing their thing, because it was just so genius.

At one point we had video on our website from when we played with them at SVR in 2002. I know it’s not there anymore, but it may be somewhere that we have access to.

I was a freshman on RAGE in 02 when we won nationals with 71 and 66! Such an awesome experience and a great team!