Axis 1013 Camera

We are a second year team trying to purchase a Axis 1013 camera for a few many days now and we are unable to fond one because they are discontinued.Does anyone know where to get one or who has one we could purchase or is there a newer compatible model?
Thank you

I would look into using a USB camera like this one sold by AndyMark:

Thank you for your information.


We found an Axis 1013 Camera. We connected it to the computer and it works fine, but when we connect it through the router as shown in the 2017 FRC Control System we just get a saved image. The camera doesn’t work through the router. Any suggestions?

Sounds like a firewall issue on your computer. Ethernet port is open, but the wifi connection is being moderated.

Or, you are picking up a “cached” image, and not really connecting to the camera.

Can you ping the camera?

Out of curiosity why? We are currently planning on running both a USB camera for vision processing, attached to a co-processor and an AXIS camera for streaming to the driver. We could use a second USB camera attached to either our co-processor or the RIO, but that would require (a small amount) of code and use memory/cpu on those devices.

Just curious, and checking to see if I am missing something (because I often do).