AXIS 206 camera loses color

The AXIS camera randomly goes black and white for no immediately obvious reason. We have a blue led ring placed around the lens and when removed it seems to work. Power cycling also seems to fix the problem. We think it may be due to oversaturation caused by the blue led ring. Thoughts?

Two different settings can cause the camera to send back a grayscale image. One setting is called Enable Color. Setting it to FALSE will turn off color. The other setting is called Color Level. Setting it to 0 will turn off color but still returns an RGB image that only contains grays.

The other reason the camera returns gray images is due to low light. In low light situations, the cameras often swap to another mode and boost the signal.

Greg McKaskle

Is there a way to prevent the camera from switching “modes”?

For low light? You may be able to change the threshold by changing the Exposure Priority Mode. But I think this is a feature of the camera and I don’t know of a way to completely disable it.

Greg McKaskle

in the axis web config utility, there may be an option to disable automatic mode switching