Axis 206 camera on computer only


I’ve been trying to work on this camera for a project and I’m hit a wall.

  1. Is it possible to only run the camera tracking without the cRIO? I’ve only been working with the camera and the computer.

If so,

  1. I have loaded up the code supplied with WindRiver labeled as “VisionSample2013” and was wondering how to build and run this so that it only runs on the computer instead of trying to “contact” the cRIO.

Thanks in advance.

Also, I was wondering how to take still shots with the camera. Also, where do I find the shots taken by the camera if I am only using the computer, and not the cRIO?

Our team’s vision processing runs solely on the laptop, and periodically saves stills. We do this by extending SmartDashboard’s WPICameraExtension class, doing image processing with OpenCV in the processImage() method and sending data back to the robot via NetworkTables. To save stills, it periodically spawns off a low-priority thread which saves a timestamped jpg. If you want to know how to make a WPICameraExtension with OpenCV processing, check out Miss Daisy’s 2012 vision code. For saving an image, you can just use Java’s javax.imageio.ImageIO class.

I guess the main thing I need to get working is:

I want to get the camera to recognize that it is seeing the retroreflective material, and just printf some line like “I see green” or something along those lines, and while there is no retroreflective material in the shot, it shouldn’t say anything or it could printf something like “I don’t see anything”.

I’d recommend starting with the white paper about 2013 vision processing.

The camera and other code doesn’t “know” what it is looking at. You can use it to capture an image, and you can use what is known about the targets and your setup to process the image and determine if the target is in the image, where, how far away, etc. But the first step is to read the paper and ask questions that are more technical than what the printf says.

Greg McKaskle

Ok, well I used the NI Vision Assistant to process the images how I want them to work, and I went to Tools>Generate C Code…

  1. Do I want a main function if I want to pull images from the camera?

  2. In what program should I open up the C code generated by the NI Vision Assistant? I tried opening it up in Dev C++, but it can’t find a lot of the header files used for the code.

I also tried opening it in WindRiver, but when WindRiver opens, it does not open any file.