Axis 206 Camera Setup

We have the Axis 206 Network Camera, and we have trouble setting it up. The indicator light on the camera turns green, but we cannot get it to connect to the computer (Dell inspiron). We feel that we may have a confusion with the IP address of the computer, but we may not be sure. Can anyone give us a detailed description on how to set the camera up? We would also like to know how to get the video stream onto the SmartDashboard because that is not working either.

The instructions on this page worked for us. I’d recommend you don’t assume anything about the current IP addresses of camera or computer. Just reset the camera to factory defaults and change your computer’s IP address (temporarily) per the instructions.

Note in the first step of the instructions that you MAY require a crossover cable when connecting the computer directly to the camera.

The camera setup utility that FIRST provides in the Utilities update has instructions for resetting the camera to factory defaults, but basically:

  1. Unplug the camera’s power cable
  2. Press and hold the black reset button on the back
  3. While holding the button, plug the power cable in.
  4. Continue to hold the button until the LED ring on the front comes on (initially orange, I think).
  5. Once the LED ring comes on, you can release the button. Then, wait a bit for it to turn green.

When you’re done setting up the camera, remember to change the computer’s IP address back to 10.xx.yy.5 (where xxyy is your team number) - assuming this is the computer that you’ll be using to develop code and communicate with the robot.