Axis 206 help needed!

Hey. I am having some vision problems. When I set up the Axis using the imaging tool to use my bridge it works fine. However, once I turn off the robot and turn it back on again, the camera won’t work in my driver station. I have my station set to, and the camera is still at the default IP How can I get my driver station to load the image every time the robot turns on? Below is a sample of my robot’s camera code…

	// Acquire the camera object
	printf("Waiting for camera to boot

printf("Getting camera instance
AxisCamera &camera = AxisCamera::GetInstance(“”);
printf("Setting camera parameters

// Process the camera image
if ((m_teleopPeriodicLoops % 10) == 0) { // 5 Hz
AxisCamera& camera = AxisCamera::GetInstance();

		if (camera.IsFreshImage()) {
			ColorImage *image;
			BinaryImage *thresholdImage = image->ThresholdRGB(threshold);	// get just the red target pixels
			BinaryImage *bigObjectsImage = thresholdImage->RemoveSmallObjects(false, 2);  // remove small objects (noise)
			BinaryImage *convexHullImage = bigObjectsImage->ConvexHull(false);  // fill in partial and full rectangles
			BinaryImage *filteredImage = convexHullImage->ParticleFilter(criteria, 2);  // find the rectangles
			vector<ParticleAnalysisReport> *reports = filteredImage->GetOrderedParticleAnalysisReports();  // get the results
			for (unsigned i = 0; i < reports->size(); i++) {
				ParticleAnalysisReport *r = &(reports->at(i));
				printf("particle: %d  center_mass_x: %d

“, i, r->center_mass_x);

			// be sure to delete images after using them
			delete reports;
			delete filteredImage;
			delete convexHullImage;
			delete bigObjectsImage;
			delete thresholdImage;
			delete image;


Try picking up the latest Axis Camera Tool from NI Utilities Update. The original kickoff one had a settings bug that lost the camera when it was powered down.

Fixes in 2.0

  • cRIO Imaging Tool - Timeout error due to various network interface configurations
  • Setup Axis Camera Tool - Axis 206 camera loses communication after power cycle

The camera is also normally set to (rather than .15)

Thanks, I’ll try it out when we unbag again on Tuesday. I was trying arbitrary numbers, and I saw someone used .15, so I tried it. Thanks for all the help.