Axis 206 image off center

For the last three seasons we have noticed that our image from the axis 206 is off center. When the camera is physically pointed directly at a target, the image we see is from about 20 degrees to the left and 5-10 degrees up. We have been able to compensate for this in the past by simply shimming the camera mount.

This year we would really like to have as wide a view of the actual target area as possible.

From my experience with imaging systems as part of my carrier, I know that this misalignment of the image is caused by the lens not being centered on the detector inside the camera. So, the questions I/we have are:
1)Has anyone else seen this issue with your Axis 206 camera?
2)Has anyone opened these cameras and/or attempted to adjust the detector position with respect to the lens?

I have never seen one off center, at least not enough to notice. I have opened the camera, and it is not scary. I did it by removing the Torx screws on the back, and then carefully pry the front cover off. It has two plastic flange/clips on the bottom near the enet and power. The clip fingers on the front shell of the camera open to the bottom of the camera, and the back of the camera has clip fingers that are open to the top. But of course the exterior of the camera has a flange and groove that prevent the halves from sliding apart easily. I generally slide a thin common screwdriver, perhaps a putty knife would be better, between the front and back plastic housing halves at the bottom of the camera. Separate it just enough for so that you can slide the back of the camera down or twist the camera halves apart. I haven’t broken a clip yet, but clearly this is the dicey part.

There is a black plastic cover that sits above the sensor and keeps light leakage down. It is not attached to anything and needs proper orientation (it has an up arrow on it). The PCB may have slipped within the camera. It is a very sturdy camera compared to some I’ve disassembled, but FRC bots get some hard hits. The issue could also be that the black piece is not installed correctly and is blocking a portion of the sensor.

Good luck with it.

Greg McKaskle

If I could have choosen who I wanted to hear from, it would have been you Greg!

OK, your responce gives me the info I needed and the confidence to attack this. I’ll try to document and photo the process as I try to correct the alignment.