Axis 206 issues with LabView

Okay, I have been experiencing my own issues with the Axis 206 camera as many of you have been. I have reset the camera multiple times to set its IP address, and I can get a live feed from the camera if I’m directly connected to it via crossover cable. However, when I try to run LabView with the Dashboard I do not get any image at all. I receive an error that says there is no Camera Acquire loop running. Any help would be much appreciated.

Did you set “Enable Vision” on the front panel of Robot to true? Did you make sure the boolean constant in (that chooses which IP to use to look for the camera) is set properly?

My team is having the same issue, and I can confirm that the ip is correct, the enable vision is true, and it’s set to use the second slot on the crio in the begin vi.

Did you configure the camera with the original version of the given configuration tool? There are known problems with the tool. You can download a patched utility here or you can configure the camera manually.

The default dashboard and the vision code in the template now expect the camera IP to be – NOT the same as last year, and not plugged into the second enet port.

If you insist on doing it the old way, there is a constant in Begin that will use the old IP, and you can flip a constant in the dashboard to do the same. But, you will get better performance to the dashboard and be compatible with 4 slot cRIOs if you do it the new way.

Greg McKaskle

I know I reset the value in the, where exactly in the Dashboard would I see that? I think I’ve tried doing that already, and still no luck.

The dashboard template code contains code to acquire the image both ways. You can change the code in the vision loop and rebuild.

Greg McKaskle

Good news! We got the camera to work. While we develop we usually directly connect to the cRIO into the first port, and have had the camera on the second one. However this year the new cRIOs only have one ethernet port so the default configuration is to use a bridge to connect from the laptop. We got ours out and hooked it up correctly with perfect results, we now get a clear live image on the dashboard.
Thank you again for all of your help.