Axis 206 question!

How do I change my c++ code to make my camera show up brighter? When I do…

camera.WriteBrightness(100);|n=any integer≤100

…it is the same as…

camera.WriteBrightness(0);|n=any integer≤100

…Am I doing something wrong or is it just because it’s the 206 and it has bad lighting?

I see other robots with lights on their camera, but when we took lights and surrounded our camera, it didn’t help at all. Please help!! Finals are going to be today and our camera looks super dark so it’s impossible to use :confused:

Thank you.

On your programming computer, open a browser and go to http://10.xx.yy.11

Make sure xx.yy is your team number.

Login as FRC/FRC (log/pass)

Find the advanced image adjustment options.
Find the “exposure” settings

Option 1:
Find a preset that works for you

Option 2:
Select “Automatic”
Shine a light into the camera, and move the light around until the camera auto-adjusts to the desire exposure time
Once adjusted, select “Hold”
Your exposure setting should now be persistent - even between power cycles

There is a great camera tutorial by HOT - 67, which details the process. I can’t find it right now, as I’m on my way out to run errands.

Thank you!

These lights were available as selection from “FIRST Choice” at beginning of season. We found a significant difference between trying to add lighting by positioning lights around the camera and using one of these ring lights mounted with the camera lens pointing through the center.

Attached are some sample target shots using a ring of green leds.

Green0000.bmp (900 KB)
Green10004.bmp (900 KB)
Green10003.bmp (900 KB)

Green0000.bmp (900 KB)
Green10004.bmp (900 KB)
Green10003.bmp (900 KB)