Axis Camera 206 not reading target.

My second year programming. I have followed the directions on integrating the example vision code into my project. I can track the rectangle when I run the program, from the example, on my laptop. I have the program set up to display the target information on the classmate’s driver station but it doesn’t show up. I don’t know if it’s actually working. What if anything am I doing wrong?

In order to debug it, I’d either open the global panel, or probe the wires while the camera is pointed at the target. If the target is being tracked and the global updated, the problem is further towards the DS printing. Track it down with additional probes.

Greg McKaskle

The global data is reciving the target info, but the is not. the wires for all the 9 targets aren’t returing any data. I’ll continue to probe anroung to try to find an answer.

I have found one potential problem while running the programs on my computer. I can run the vision processing or the telop but not at the same time. Is there any way to fix this?

If you have integrated it into your program, you should be running from robot main. That, in turn, will run both the vision processing and the teleop code in parallel.