Axis Camera 206 Power Connection

We are trying to set up our Axis Camera and are having troubles. Is there a way to not use/take apart the wall plug portion of the power cable (included with the camera) in order to do this?

You are supposed to be able to create a wire for it that connects to the Power Distro board in the 5V WAGO plug. I remember reading a walk through but I can’t remember where it is.

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You are supposed to use the cable that came with the camera…

I recall that last season, we recieved two power cables.

One came in the box with the camera, the other came in a seperate box alone. You do need to cut the power supply end off, and connect it through the 5volt power supply on the Power Distribution board next to the 5v LED on the board.

You shouldnt have any problems with it. make sure you check the polarity so that you have them hooked up correctly.

From Chapter 3 of the 2009 Control System Manual:

How do I build a cable for passing 5V power to the Ethernet camera?
• Take the camera’s power adapter (PN SA106A-0512-6) and cut the wire off close to the
o Note: There are two power adapters for the camera included in the Kit, one in the
camera box and one separate. Use the separate one (PN SA106A-0512-6) to make
this adapter.
• Separate the wires and strip 5-6mm off the ends.
• Use a small flat head screwdriver to open the WAGO 739-302.
• Insert the positive (striped) wire in the right port. Note: the correct orientation can be verified
by looking at the silk screen on the PD Module.
• Insert the negative wire in the left port.
• Give a smart tug to verify the connection is secure.
• Power the PD, and verify that the barrel connector’s center conductor is positive

Thanks so much, this was very helpful Jeff. This is my first year as a mentor, so I rarely think to go back to 2009 specs with my questions.

If you don’t have two power adapters and are worried about losing the wall adapter for use in the future (though I don’t know that’s much of a concern) you can use a few crimp connectors to make a quick connect to use the camera with both the robot and the wall adapter. Just put 2 connectors on the cut end of the wire, 2 on the wall adapter end, and 2 on a short leads coming from the WAGO connector. That’s what I did for my DS radio last year.

There was a lot of discussion here on CD last year and a search will turn up the Radio Shack part number of a connector that will work and save your AC supply for the camera. Most teams that used the camera went this route in 2009.

The same text is in this year’s control system manual.