Axis Camera 206 Problems

I connected the camera to the Classmate, and ran the setup tool. The first time, it failed. The second, it said it was successful. I went to plug it in and test it, and no picture showed up on the default dashboard. I looked at the lights to make sure nothing was wrong, and it appears something is very wrong. The camera repeatedly resets. I know about the black reset button; I took care to not hold it down. I held it by the front of the casing. I went into the camera through the browser, and I get the live feed working. After about 30 seconds, the signal light on the back of the camera suddenly goes out, as does the light on the front of the robot. The power light remains lit. After about 15 seconds, the signal light turns orange, and it begins the boot with the amber front light. Sometimes it boots correctly and it is running for 30 more seconds; other times the lights go out again during the boot. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix it? This is the 206 camera.

Sounds like your power connection is intermittently losing contact.

The power light is staying on throughout, though. I’ll check our connection, though. We’re currently using an ac adapter.

EDIT: We tested it out with a volt meter, and it holds steady at 5.2.

EDIT: Alright, that’s weird. It works when the back casing is off.

EDIT: Alright, after some tweaking, it now works fine. As long as it doesn’t move -__-

RESOLVED: It was the power after all! While we were getting power through just fine, the original connecter it came with jiggled around. We replaced it with a new one, and it work well.


I have problems with the camera,

i reset the camera, change the IP adress but don’t show in the dashboard and i can’t make the setup axis camera, show:

Unable to complete operation because of unexpected error %d:
%s59 TCP Open Connection in Axis Issue HTTP Request with>Axis Issue>Axis Create FRC>

can you help me?

I don’t understand you fully. What IP address did you change? You should not change the camera’s address. It sounds like you’re using LabVIEW. The Robot Project with Game Code uses the default address of the camera.

Did you follow the directions in the How to Configure your Camera document from the web page? If those directions are what you can’t make work, tell us exactly what steps you’re taking and exactly where the results differ from what you expect.