Axis Camera Configuration Issues

The status LED ring around the Axis M1013 has yet to light up when it is turned on. The camera is never found in the configuration tool, and I feel as if the issue may stem from it not being lit. My bridge is configured properly and the IP is correct. I connected the camera to both the OM5P and the old radio to the same result.

If the camera isn’t lighting up than it isn’t plugged in.

5V 2A on the VRM, the black wire with the white dashed line is power, pure black is ground.

If it doesn’t light up than you probably plugged it in backwards at some point in time and killed it.

The axis camera is on because the the three green squares on its back are lit. I am referring to the LED ring around the lens of the camera, which should be green as well.

I’m having this exact same problem. Green squares on the back are lit yet no ring around the camera lens, so the program can’t find it.

First, reset the camera to factory defaults
Note: The control button is the only button on the back.

To reset the camera to the factory default settings using the Control Button:

  1. Disconnect the power cable, or if using PoE, disconnect the network cable.
  2. Press and hold the Control button while reconnecting power.
  3. Keep the Control button pressed until the Status Indicator color changes to amber (this may take up to 15 seconds).
  4. Release the Control button.
  5. When the Status Indicator changes to green (which may take up to 1 minute), the process is complete and the camera has been reset.

The unit now has the default IP address

manually set the IP address on your computer to:, with a subnet mask of:

Plug the network cables of your camera and your computer into a hub or switch.

Plug in the power on the camera. Give the camera a minute to boot up.

Open up a browser on your computer, and surf to:

If you can see the camera, then you can proceed with programming it. If you can’t see the camera, then it may be broke.

Personally, I follow the Manual Camera Configuration instructions here (about 1/2 way down the page):

Manual for the Camera:

Do not see the ip camera on the browser. It looks like it may be broken. :frowning: