Axis Camera Configuration

Sorry for all of the questions.

We are getting absolutely no camera image on our dashboard. The camera is hooked up and configured. We even hardwired the camera in Vision to take the static IP address we got in the setup utility. What is going on?

The vision dashboard expects the camera’s host name to be set to axis-camera.local. It appears that some M1013 Axis cameras and perhaps most M1011 and 206 cameras initially have the name set to Axis-####### where that is the serial number of the camera.

The camera webpage allows you to set the host name by going to the TCP settings and at the bottom going to the advanced-tcp settings. You change the DNS from auto to manual, type in the new DNS name. I then set it back to auto and reboot the camera.

It should also be possible to create a dashboard project and modify the camera address to use the camera IP or to use the name that includes the serial number.

If you have issues, post more details about your issue.

Greg McKaskle

The issue resolved itself when I hardwired it to a DNS name I assigned in setup. Thank you, though.