Axis Camera Issue

Hello, I am from Team 4110. Our team is having trouble with the M1013 Axis Camera.

The Axis Camera we are using (M1013) is not outputting to the dashboard.

We have set up the Camera according to the “Configuring an Axis Camera” guide, but after testing it, it did not work.

After it didn’t work we tried the following; We have tried changing true/false factor in the Vision Processing VI to false instead of true so it’s set to “axis-camera.local” instead of the USB, but this didn’t work. We have also tried changing the Bonjour option on the Camera Settings page to “axis-camera” as well as the Advanced IP/TCP page’s Host to “axis-camera” but have had no success with that, combined with the new Vision Processing VI.

We’ve been searching around for over a day now, without any luck. Hopefully this community is able to provide an answer.

We were having the exact same issue today and tried the exact same things that you did. I was able to access the camera via a web browser at the IP address, but was not able to get it to work on the dashboard. Just to make sure, did you guys try on the dashboard to select “IP Camera” in the dropdown next to the feed?

Also, can you please post a link to this guide? I was unable to find one when we were troubleshooting. Our’s is still not working.

We tried changing it to the IP adress, and to both the USB’s each time we tested to make sure it wasn’t working on any of them. Here is a link to the guide we used.

Thank you. I am in the same boat as you. I am at a loss as to what to do next. I am going to try going through the setup guide to see what I can do.

EDIT: I did not realize the pun (sort of) that I made. Boat!

So my captain managed to fix the camera and get an output on the dashboard. He did this by going into the Axis camera settings on the given IP address (10.TE.AM.21, 23, etc.) and going to the TCP/IP “Advanced” tab. Then he switched on the dynamic DNS updates and typed in ‘axis-local’ into the “DNS name box”. He then saved the settings, restarted the dashboard, and a video feed popped up! Hope that will fix your problems!

I think the DNS name needs to be [strike]“axis-camera.local”[/strike]
“axis-camera” as corrected

Unfortunately, we had tried that already. I am going to just redo everything that I tried to see if I can get it to work. It is possible that I mistyped something, I suppose.

The documentation shows just “axis-camera”. .local is a suffix used to indicate mDNS should be used for resolution.

Today, I just booted up the driver station and it just magically worked. I have no clue what we did, but it happened.

Same issues. By changing the axis-camera to a hard coded IP address and changing the camera itself to a static address, we got our 1013 to work. However, it will NOT work under IP camera mode. It will work under USB HW mode on the dashboard. The data usage is extremely high - at least 6Mb. Changing resolution settings on the dashboard has effect - sometimes. But the data usage is quite high even down at 10 fps.

We tried the Microsoft USB camera and it worked straight out of the box, at 30 fps, with a lower CPU utilization on the roborio. We’re not happy with the resolution itself - it’s blocky and poor, but cpu utilization and fps is more important to us so we’re sticking with the USB camera. Mounting it is even worse than the axis camera though.

We had similar issues and everything was set up correctly. We finally found out that the resolution selected on the dashboard was the problem. Hope this helps anyone else with the problem.