Axis Camera Issues with the Driver Station

Hello this is the current team account for Northern Lights Robotics team 4704.

The Axis Camera (version M1011) is not working with the driver station. We have tried everything to get the camera to work with our driver station. Here are all the different methods that we have tried.

We have tried configuring the camera with the computer and the camera plugged in to the properly configured radio. We have also tried to connect both the roborio and the camera to the bridge and then also tried to configure it. Both times the camera has supposedly configured correctly but hasn’t shown up on the driver station.

We have checked the network tables using localhost in eclipse and the camera doesn’t show up.

The camera actually works through the radio if the IP address is entered into a web browser such as chrome and we are able to view the current stream of the camera.

We have tried all of the above, and have made sure all the wires are tightly connected :slight_smile: , but we have just been unable to connect the camera to the driver station and we would really like to use grip to guide the robot during the autonomous period.

We would really appreciate some help. Thanks in advance.

If you’re just using it from GRIP, you can configure it in GRIP as just an IP camera with the appropriate mjpeg stream URL. Similarly, SmartDashboard can view it directly if you provide the URL (rather than using the camera selector). Both SmartDashboard and the LabView Dashboard use NetworkTables to discover what cameras are available. The Axis camera does know not about NetworkTables, so if you’re not seeing it publish there, it’s because your code isn’t configuring the camera. I’m assuming you are using C++ or Java; if so, to get it published to NetworkTables (and thereby show up on the dashboard), you need to call CameraServer.getInstance().addAxisCamera() [assuming Java] with the appropriate IP address.

Thank you for the advice. We finally got the camera to work in the driver station and we can start work on navigating the robot with grip.