Axis Camera limitations

Hi everyone.

I just wanted to ask what kind of limitations are there for the Axis Camera included with the kit?

I heard it can ONLY be used in Autonomous mode and it CANNOT be used in Tele op mode.

Is this true?

Untrue. Can be used anytime.

What??? Where did you read that?? I read on this other thread that FIRST was going to disable the cameras due to bandwidth limit…

first limits the bandwidth but that doesn’t mewan you cant use the camera, it just means if you plan on seeing the image from teh camera, it will not be a high resolution or fps

Check the age on the thread, live streaming of camera images to the Dashboard was disabled last year (2009) to allow time for FIRST to fully test the affect of the streams on the wireless setup used in competition.

There is no such restriction in place this year. I believe this has been confirmed with the Q&A, but I don’t have time to dig the thread up at the moment.

Hearsay is not reliable. The correct sources of information are the Game Manual, the Team Updates, and the FIRST Q&A forum. If someone says something about the rules without pointing you to an official source, ask them to back up what they say.

The camera falls under the custom electronic device category. The manual does not restrict when the robot may use such devices.

ok thanks guys! That information really helped :yikes: