Axis camera m1011 help!!!

Our main problem is that the axis camera set up app cant read the axis camera when i connect the pc to the camera.
After that i dont know how to set it to the robot radio or maybe the c-8CRio slot
please help it is very important for us.
Thank you.

To set it up, first set your computer’s wired connection address to
Then, open up the “Setup Axis Camera” tool and type in your team’s number in the lower left corner and select which option you want, Radio or 8-slot cRIO, (I would recommend Radio). And hit the button in the lower right corner. The tool should set it up for you, and then your camera will work when it is connected to your Radio.

Ok! thank you, after that i realized that the camera needed to be restarted because a week ago i tried to configured it by myself and i screewed the IP adress :stuck_out_tongue: thanks a lot!