Axis Camera no video

Hi, we are setting up our Axis Camera. We had it last year and it was working fine, although it may have gotten damaged in one of our matches last year. Right now we have the camera hooked up to a computer with a web browser, I can log into the Camera, and the indicator ring on the front is green but the video is black. I have tried resetting the camera to factory defaults, changing the user appropriately but the video stays black. I don’t believe its any color setting as the axis utility test image displays the black image as well. Has anybody else had this problem and is there a fix? Or do I need a new camera?

BTW, we are using a crossover cable. The battery is charged.

If the light is flashing, it may indicate the reset button is constantly pressed, quite easy to do.

Also, internally, there is a black plastic light block inside the camera that may have shifted. Opening the camera is pretty easy, but don’t let me talk you into something you aren’t comfortable with.

There are two hex head screws to remove, then the bottom has one plastic clip that you have to separate. I don’t remember which way to flex it, but gentle pressure and wiggling seems to do the trick. The black plastic box sits on the front of the pcb, and blocks light from the sensor to improve saturation. Note that the black box will fit two directions, but ours had an UP printed on it as the hole isn’t centered. If the black image isn’t due to that box shifting, I’d say it is likely damaged.

Greg McKaskle

Greg - The indicator is solid on orange when starting up and then turns solid green and does not blink. I disassembled the camera and it looks like a capacitor near one of the voltage regulators is damaged (i.e. it fell off…). Would fix this if I was sure no other component was compromised, but I’m not. Buying a new camera. Thanks for your help!

Your welcome, and good luck. From other posts, it seems difficult to locate Axis 206’s. The camera choices are fairly open, but the M1011 is a pretty close replacement, and it costs a bit less than the 206 did.

Greg McKaskle

Also, we were having trouble getting the camera feed to show up on the classmate. I think that by default, the camera is not programmed to show up on the classmate. You need to build a new FRC Dashboard project in LabView and then run the executable, this should fix that. Then If the camera still does not work, then it might be broken

I am having that same problem. But before you assume that it is broken, get the camera image in the vision processing vi and then hook it up to an indicator on the front panel. When your robot is running, open up the front panel of the vision processing vi and see if you get some live feed. If you don’t get an image then, start looking at your hardware and/ or electrical.

I have done this and gotten camera feed, but now i am figuring out how to get it on the dashboard. I tried the Get On PC vi, with no luck.