Axis Camera Not Appearing on Dashboard

Hey guys!

I’m not able to see my axis camera feed on the dashboard.

I’ve read through a few posts with similar problems to this, but I haven’t had any success with the solutions offered in those posts.

The camera is connected to power, connected to the router, and has gone though the Axis Camera Setup. I accessed it in my browser, saw the live video feed, tested it there, and also changed its IP to 10.xx.yy.11. This didn’t work so I went into the vision processing code, as suggested elsewhere, and changed the IP there to that. I also changed the Boolean to false so that it would look for an IP camera instead of a USB one.

Any thoughts?

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You didn’t mention changing the Vision selector on the dashboard to IP Camera. So be sure to do that. Beyond that, I would ping the camera IP from he DB computer, I’d then likely open the DB source code from the template and probe the values on the diagram and see if the robot and camera IP are being delivered to the loop.

I have seen times when the DS needs to be closed and restarted in order for the TCP connection to succeed and communicate this info to the DB program.

Greg McKaskle

I did forget to include that I did change the vision selector. However, do I just change that to IP camera every time? And is there a button to push after that to start seeing it?

Nope. No button. Once the DB knows what device to connect to and is told the type of device, it will attempt to start a session with it, decode the MJPEG stream and display them.

Do you know if you have an FRC/FRC account on the Axis camera?

Greg McKaskle

I do have an FRC/FRC account. I set it up using the Axis Camera Setup. I’ve logged in and changed the IP to

We ran into the same problem ourselves. After making sure the vision was enabled on the front panel (if deploying code not setting as start up) and the selector was IP camera, we made a custom dashboard and replaced the “axis.local” to the static ip of 10.xx.yy.23 (the 23 can be anything as long as it is not the same anything else on the network but it shouldn’t be). I did the same in the vision VI in the Hope this helps.

.23 isn’t a good static IP to use because it’s in the assignment range of the DLink DHCP server and the address can get double assigned.
Keep your static IPs less than .20 and you’ll be safe.

per RoboRIO Networking

DHCP range: 10.TE.AM.20 to 10.TE.AM.199

We have the same issue with the Axis camera except we are using the Java SmartDashboard. We “added” the “simple camera” to the smartdashboard. A pink rectangle showed up and it said NO CONNECTION. We had the camera setup correctly and we could see the video feed from the internet explorer with I made the Smartdashboard editable and then right click on the pink rectangle->properties and made sure the simple camera IP is indeed So everything looks proper and yet, I can’t see any video feed. I assume we don’t need to put any code in to make the video feed to appear. Any other ideas?

Instead of having a set ip change it so it automatically gets ip and dchp. i had the same problem, remember press the save button

What address have you set the Java SmartDashboard to look for the camera at?
The default is probably “axis-camera”, but you could use a static IP for the camera if you edit the code to use the same one.

Where do you set the Java SmartDashboard address for the camera? I thought you just right click on the pink “Simple Camera” widget->Properties and it was showing me the IP being I looked through all other menus and did not see anywhere else that mentioned camera.

Sorry, that’s probably all it takes.
My thoughts are a bit scattered 3 days before bagging…

Do we need to explicitly write code to send the image to the Smart Dashboard or does the dashboard get the video stream directly from the camera without involving any robot code?

The axis camera includes an http based MJPEG streaming connection. You shouldn’t need anything on the roboRIO to stream. The roboRIO runs a similar stream on a different port for the USB cameras.

Greg McKaskle

BTW, we are also using a second USB camera. We have the same problem that the USB camera video stream does not show up in the SmartDashboard. We have created the USB camera widget and it said connection refused.