Axis Camera off Old 12V to 5V Converter

My team is building a demonstration robot out of old robot parts. We have an extra RoboRIO, which we are using to control it, but the rest of the control system (PDB, power converters, etc.) are from the old control system. Everything worked fine, and we got the robot driving. However, when we went to add an Axis camera (which we had), we found that the 5V output on the old PDB was fried. Someone probably shorted it at one point or another, and it no longer gives any output. We do, however, have an extra silver external 12V to 5V converter that is normally used for the DLink. Is there any reason why not to use a second one to power the camera? They both run off 5V, and the current draw is nothing near the converter’s limit. I searched the archives, but couldn’t find an answer. Any help or advice is appreciated.

That’ll work fine for a camera.
We’ve used them to power IP camera’s before.

As Mark said, those regulators will work perfectly fine for the Axis camera.

One thing to note is that the metal housing of the Axis Camera is grounded internally. So, make certain to electrically isolate the camera when you mount it.

So if you can power the Dlink and Axis cameras off separate converters can you also power them off the same one? They shouldn’t use too many amps. Then should they be in parallel or series?

You can run both the DLink and Axis camera through one converter in parallel.

Running off the special 12v power distribution output will keep the two devices from rebooting during a low battery. That port supports 2a at 12v and should meet your needs.

If you use one of the unregulated 12v power distribution outputs it’ll handle the power draw easily at first, but that converter needs ~10v minimum I think to regulate properly. In that case, when the battery gets low it will start doing funny things to the two devices. If you have rapid low power dips, like in stalled driving, the DLink and Axis camera will reboot.

…or use an LM7805 regulator on a normal 12v breaker. Not ideal, but it should work and keep going when the battery voltage drops to about 7 volts.