Axis Camera on cRIO port 2 vs. DLink Access Point


I have our Axis Camera plugged into the Dlink Access Point and I’m able to see the camera image on the Classmate Dashboard.

However, when I plug the camera into port 2 on the cRIO, I lose the video on the Classmate Dashboard.

What do I need to change in the LabView code in order to make port 2 accept the Axis Camera signal and pass it on to the Classmate Dashboard?

Thanks in advance.

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The camera needs it’s default IP address of when connected to the cRIO port 2.

The camera needs a 10.xx.yy.3 or similar IP address when on the 10. network through the DLink.

We’re working on a tutorial about this: plugging the camera into the cRIO versus the Dlink. Look for it next week on the at