AXIS Camera Overlay feature.

Hello all,
We have the Axis camera on our shooter to help with aiming and would like to put a vertical line though the middle of the image.

We tried to used the built in Axis feature to do this [Page 19]
that lets us upload an image, however does anyone know what format the image has to be?
We tried gif, jpeg, bmp, png with fail to upload errors. The files were about 7kb.


Our team doesn’t have the new camera, so I can’t determine if what you ask is possible camera side…But if you are open to using Labview, you can modify the dashboard project (the window with the camera feed) to display the crosshairs.

This post provides instructions on how to do so.

It is from this thread, which can give you some more ideas/help.

Best of Luck!

We are currently using the SmartDash so I might look into modding that.

But I am curious to see if I can do this directly on the camera it self.

Just to make sure, is the file you are uploading the same resolution that your camera is set to? i.e. 320 x 240 camera res gets a 320 x 240 picture?

Yes, I tired an 640x480 [resolution we were using] as well as a 320x240. I also tried uploading just the icon I wanted which was an 10x480 image.

Hrmm… I’ll have to see what we did a while back when we were playing with that.

I know the privacy mask feature works. You could put a red rectangle straight down the center of your image.

Thanks for the suggestions!, I will look into the privacy mask it seems to be able to do what we need.

We did this just fine.

We used a BMP image.

Try uploading the wrong file type, it will tell you what type it needs to be.

What resolution did you upload and how big was the image?

Not sure if you figured it out, but I just played with this last night.

You need to make sure your image is the same resolution that your camera is set to and save the image as a 24 bit BMP. I used GIMP 2 to do this (freeware photo editor, similar to photoshop). Paint might work?

In my case, I just made a picture with a white background. Type in “FFFFFF” when asked for the transparency color.

There is also a setting on one of the menus in the camera to enable the overlay for streaming, make sure you check this as well.