axis camera power cable falling out..

Hey guys, has anyone had an issue with the axis camera power cable following out constantly…
We cant drive for a few minutes without it falling out…

any ideas?

use duck tape or some other fastener to hold it in place.

hot glue, or shoe goo (clear glue that dries to a rubbery consistency, like E9000), just a little bit to hold it in, If you want to remove it you can simply pull the glue off

well i dislike the use of glue because of it’s drying period and the fact you can make a mess of it.

well the only thing is il put it in and then it wont turn on again for some reason…

n then it will randomly go online again

then it seems the problem is beyond just it falling out.

as to why it would do that i have no idea

Double check that the center pin is not bent. Both conditions you describe relate to the center pin not being in position enough to provide good contact with the center contact of the power cable. Double check that the center pin is in the camera and not broken off inside the power cable.

you could glue a piece of wood to the side so that the belt cant fall out