Axis Camera replacement

We lost our camera and need to find a replacement. The axis website shows the replacement being Axis M1011. What are we allowed to use as a replacement? Are we bound to using the Axis 206 camera.

Good question, we’re looking for a backup as well. I can’t find any rules against the using a different camera this year, but I doubt it will work with the existing code.

If anyone has a source for new Axis 206s that would be great.

This place appears to have some Axis 206 cameras …

… I had no idea that they were that expensive.

Amazon showed a few links … Apparently, the “206” has many sub-model numbers also … one was called Model 199044, and another was 199024, and another was 199004. I’m not sure what our KoP includes …


FYI - We successfully placed an order with that Web site Tuesday night and then were called and informed that they are out of stock on the Axis 206.

You are allowed to use ANY camera to substitute the Axis camera. This was answered in the Q/A’s recently.

will the FRC dashboard software work with the axis 207 or axis m1101??
wendy holladay

It should, but it hasn’t been fully tested. My understanding is that rules allow for other cameras to be used, so there will likely be WPI additions as the season progresses. I believe that the 1011 is much more affordable than the 207, and is likely to be in the right range of capabilities for the competition.

Greg McKaskle

Is it possible to be pointed to an authoritative source for this quote above? We may need to purchase a different camera and are in the same boat as other teams wtih striking out on finding AXIS 206 cameras.

-Ted Dressel, Mentor, Team 1111

Okay, answered my own question:

QUOTE: There are no rules that restrict the makes/models of cameras used on the 2010 FRC Robot.

Quoted from the Axis site:

Axis 206 Camera
Discontinued product
Replacement: AXIS M1011