Axis camera setup problem (Axis 206)

My team is having some problems concerning the Setup Axis Camera Tool: when we try to apply the robot radio setup to our camera, we receive a message saying that the program can’t reach the camera and we must create manually a “FRC” user with “FRC” as password. So we created this user, but it keeps showing this message.

-The program is able to connect to the camera.
-The camera IP and PC IP were set as the Setup Axis Camera required.


Remember that before you configure the camera, its IP is (should be) and your computer should be connected directly to the camera by ethernet with its Wired Connection IP set to if I recall correctly. If it isn’t showing up on the setup tool, reset the camera by holding the reset button as you plug in power and until the front lights turn on, and double check your computer IP.

When you have your camera set to (through the manual settings or otherwise) and have made the FRC user, login to the FRC user and ensure you have Allow Anonymous Viewing enabled.

We’ve tried all these configurations, but we had no luck so far. The Axis Camera Setup keeps the same error. We’ve even tried to build a new dashboard project. We ran without errors, but no image appeared. Is there any update or new documentation concerning the camera?

Thanks for the help :smiley:

To connect to the camera from the PC you have to set your pc subnet to not or else it will not connect and try in cmd to ping it by doing “ping” and see if that works, if not then try configuring your camera with that subnet and the crossover cable not the ethernet.

We changed the subnet and the IP. We are able to connect to the camera, but not to surpass the “Unable to login. Create manually a “FRC” user.” error screen, even though we create the FRC/FRC user. :frowning: