Axis Camera video feed in Java

How do I get the Axis Camera video feed on my driver’s station in Java?

No robot code is required to get the Axis camera feed on the driver station. The process to get the video will be different depending on what dashboard you are using.

Maybe I am asking the wrong question. I know teams can see the video feed during competition. How do I accomplish this?
or you can use smart dashboard:

Just add a “simple camera viewer” widget.

You will also have to configure your camera before you use it withe either the driver station or smartdashboard:

I think that I need more of an explanation how to access my camera during competition. The camera is configured to the correct IP address and plugged into the bridge.

Which dashboard are you using on your driver station? Smart Dashboard? Default? What is the IP address that your camera is configured to?

I think the default dashboard. How come when I click on Java the dashboard disappears leaving only the drivers station?

The default is the Labview dashboard. When you click on Java you are telling the driver station to use the Smartdashboard, which you have not yet installed so everthing goes away.

There is a section in Getting Started with Java 2014 that points to using the SmartDasboard. This is what was used in the videos on Command Based Java programming

If you leave it as default and you toggle the camera switch on the screen next to where the camera feed should show up do you see the feed?

Does is mean I do not need to add any Java code to see the camera during competition?