Axis Camera Won't Display After Restart

Today, we setup our axis camera with the setup axis camera tool. We were exuberant with glee when we turned on our driver station and could receive images from the camera. Then, we turned off our robot, and back on, and we had no more signal from the camera. So, our first instinct was to re-setup using the setup axis camera tool. We got camera input once again, until we restarted the robot again. We used the yellow crossover to achieve the setup, and changed the IP of the computer we were using the setup tool on to The IP of the camera is after setting it up.

People have been reporting similar problems with the Setup Axis Camera tool all season. I’d recommend following the instructions for manual setup in the Camera Configuration guide.

Utilities Update 2.0 was released a week or two ago with the fix for this. Are you still having problems with the new version?

We are wondering where exactly on the digital sidecar (as we would be using that) we would hook up the four wires. If anyone could provide a picture that would be great as we are still unsure of how the encoders would be wired.


I do so believe we are completely updated. I just tried to do manual setup, and once I typed in my browser (I’m using Chrome), I was prompted to enter the username and password, so i typed “root” and “pass” and then my computer told me it could no longer connect to the webpage. I hate this camera >:(

[Edit] Used a different computer and followed all the steps; still no camera input at all. And now our communication and code have started going in and out of connection, and our robot went crazy and hit a table.

I think you posted in the wrong thread :o