Axis Camera Won't Stay Configured

Our axis camera works tight after we configure it but when we turn it off and turn it on again it takes 30 minutes to turn green then it doesn’t work and the only way to get it to work again is to reset it and reconfigure it. What could be wrong with it?

Make sure the (very easy to press) reset button is not being pressed. If that is held down when power is cycled, the camera is reset. I think it also stays orange while it’s held down.

There was also an issue with the configuration tool that was released at kickoff. A newer version is available on or you can configure it by hand. For details, search for posts about the topic written around Jan 12th.

Greg McKaskle

I don’t know if this helps or not, but we had a problem with the camera loosing it’s ip address every time we would power cycle it. If I remember correctly you plug the camera in and go to its default ip (ours was then go into setup, create an account FRC with password FRC. then set the ip to manual and give it an address that wont interfere with anything else, then save it.
Hope this helps!

We had this problem as well and the new camera setup tool fixed our problem. I’ve also read on CD that manually configuring the camera (instead of using this tool) works, but I haven’t tested that.

You can find the utilities update here: