Axis Carmera Rules Check?

I was looking through the FRC-Labveiw Programming guide today and I saw a little clause in the axis camera section. It stated that during competition a team would be unable to view the camera feed live on the dashboard. I read through the rules manual and could not find a rule addressing this issue. Can some one please clarify this for me.

I believe this is the case. If you have ever tried making a new LabView Dashboard project and deploying it, the camera feed will no longer show up on the Dashboard. According to what we know, this is to save on bandwidth during the competition which makes sense with the amount of data already being passed around.

I beleive that statement is left over from last year and no longer applies. See the following GDC response:

If you aren’t sure, or you “believe”, then you might want to check Q&A.

Or check the date on that programming guide. Last year, the camera feed was not allowed due to bandwidth issues, or it being a brand-new system, or something like that. Last year’s rules do not apply to this year.

This year, it is not explicitly disallowed by the FRC Manual (which is the only official source for rules). Therefore, it is allowed.

BTW, the following Q&As seem to indicate that live feed is perfectly legal: (Note: This is a technical question, but if there had been something illegal, GDC probably would have responded as such.)
And, of course, the one Joe linked to while I was looking for the others…

Thanks That Helps Alot

While it may be allowed this year (which I’m not even sure if it is), it does appear that making a new, custom dashboard project with the latest version of labview breaks the ability to get live feeds to the dashboard, but not the ability to use the camera in tracking. that would lead me to say that live feed of the camera will not be allowed this year.

That doesn’t seem to happen to me. I opened the example dashboard and made some minor edits to it and it seems to work. You probably changed some code that broke it

Josh, lack of ability to do something has no bearing on whether or not it is legal. A number of teams lack the ability to waterjet their frames. Is that process illegal? No. How about lacking the ability to code like Wildstang or Kevin Watson? If having those programmers were illegal, a couple of teams at least would be out of the competition entirely!

And the GDC has ruled it legal. Therefore, it is legal, unless and until they issue a ruling that says it is no longer legal.

We were able to get live camera feeds with a custom dashboard. I just had to fix some wires in the block diagram after deleting what I didn’t want.