Axis M1011 camera out of focus

Hey guys,

We;re having an issue with our camera. The camera itself works fine, we can see the image on the dashboard, everything works, but the camera is really out of focus. Everything beyond maybe 5 inch’s is really blurry.

I’ve searched online but I can’t seem to find any way to fix it. I did find out that the camera has a fixed focus point, but last year it worked fine!

Any help would be greatly appreciated :).


Does the ring surrounding the lens rotate? If so, try using that to focus.

Nope! No spinning ring. We 'd tried that already.

The M1011 has a lens that screws in, but unlike the 206, it is calibrated and glued at the factory.

My guess is either that something is smeared on the lens, try cleaning it with a monitor wipe or soft lens cleaning cloth. Or, your camera received a big whack and the lens/sensor are not the right distance apart. Does it rattle if you give it a shake?

Greg McKaskle

Yeah, I believe someone might have dropped it pretty hard or it fell off the robot. It doesn’t rattle… I’m guessing there’s no way to fix it? We can still see things that are really close, and it would still kind of work to see the outlines of the goals, but it’d be nice if it was focused.


You could always try to disassemble and reassemble it. I’ve fixed a misaligned 601 many times that way.

If it was dropped and things that are close are the only things in focus, two possibilities exist. The lens mount might have cracked or broken causing the back focus to be off or one of the lens elements shifted position inside the lens.

Alright, we took off the cover, and the lenses did shift. It was almost completely screwed off. We cut the glue off, screwed it back in, and put the cover back on. Good as new.

Thanks guys!

Awesome. I was hesitant to suggest it without supervision, but that is just what I wanted you to try.

Greg McKaskle

Glad that helped.