Axis m1013 and roborealm compadibility

We were encountering problems with our axis 206 throughout the season, which turned out to be a loose power connector port. (We might have figured this out sooner if everyone wasn’t blaming my programming. :rolleyes: ) Unfortunately we were not able to fix the problem, and ended up borrowing a axis m1011 for the remaining matches. (Thank you team 75!)

While looking on andymark for a replacement camera, we could only find the axis m1013. For the teams that use roborealm, have you been able to connect to the camera, or should I scourge the web for an older Axis m1011?

Just curious, why would you want the older version?

67º field of view instead of 47º on the M1011
Faster shutter speed on the M1013 (works better in brighter light)
Adjustable focus instead of fixed focus on M1011
800x600 maximum resolution instead of 640x480 on the M1011 (the M1013 supports 640x480 too)
Possibly slightly different color/light response, due to the use of a different CCD sensor, etc.

That’s what the Andymark website lists as better features on the 1013 as opposed to the 1011.

Axis discontinued the 1011 because the 1013 is a superior camera for a reason. I’d suggest getting a 1013!

I might want an older version, since the newer one may not be compatible with roborealm. However, it should be possible to connect to it, I just want to confirm that other teams have successfully done it before spending $200 on a camera.

The m1013 camera uses the same protocol as the m1011 camera, so it should just work with roborealm. Here’s a writeup FIRST did with relation to the m1013 and WPILib: