Axle problems

ok so we have a 1/4 in. steel rod we are using for a axel on our moterized kicking system. our problem currently is find something that can hold a rod that small. if anyone knows any parts or has a solution it would be very much apreciated.

Wwe have something similar. Just drill a hole out of some aluminum or wood or something and make a bracket.

Try these pillow blocks.

Check at Small Parts Inc. Check for shaft collars.

Our team has been having success with Igus bearings in the past; I would definitely suggest it.

I dont exactly know how you want to mount it but we drilled some holes in the end and taped them out to put small bolts in, but it debends on how durable you want the peice to be, is it going to be used repetedly every mach or is it just there to hold some thing?

Try a should bolt from McMaster (, like PN 91259A106. These make perfect dead-axles.

If it’s a live axle, McMaster has numerous bearings for 1/4" shafts, including this aluminun base-mount bearing, PN 5912K1. I would still use a bearing like this with a shoulder bolt unless you have a snazzy axle already.

“McMaster Carr has EVERYTHING!” has been my team’s philosophy this year because we don’t have a machine shop available anymore.

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