Axon not working

So I installed everything I need to run axon (I think) but when I press the launch button nothing happens, and the stop button does nothing. Any idea on what I might be doing wrong?

I think it was just the school wifi blocking some of the stuff it was trying to install

I have the same issue. I’m not on a school WiFi and I have a good internet connection. Clicking on “Start in Browser” just spins forever. I’m running this on an M1 Macbook. Please advise. Thank you.

Is there any resolution for this issue? Axon is not working on my MacOS. When I try to launch in the browser is just spins forever. I never get passed the following screen.

Also, the documentation says that Docker is required to install the training dependencies, however there’s not point in which a docker image is downloaded during the Axon installation process. Can someone give more details on how to get Axon installed and working. Thank you.

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I don’t know how I did it but it’s one of the command line things

Go on your browser to http://localhost:3000