Aztehcs Whaaaaaaaaaaattt?????

Ummm… does anyone know what happened to the Aztechs? I haven’t been in contact with the team for quite some time and I noticed that there site is no longer up and that they haven’t registered for anything yet this year.

Also I noticed that Gale Force have not registered yet either…

Anyone know what’s going on with these great teams???

We saw the Aztecs in Boston Sensor last week.
It seems that they are going to participate this year.

Can’t say about 126, but it seems that they will do it.

There is a lot of teams that haven’t registered yet, just be patient.

I saw Mike F. at River Rage. They are taking the Fall off to recuperate from last year. I believe they are registered for Philadelphia.

They mentored our team when we were rookies (in 2001 though it seems like long ago) and I always look at their bots for inspiration.

i sure hope the aztechs are in again this year, they were a great team to be allied with. we got to play with them at our regional, and they were in our division, if i remember corretly we had a 102 point match, the same match that we won play of the day for, with them