baby fish?

So can the baby fish be moved out of its white spot without losing points as long as you make it touch the white outline by the end of the match…if not could someone give a more specific answer on what is and is not allowed thanks!!

Update 27 has your answer:

It’s one of the Top 3 most frequent questions this year (by people who have read the materials): “Is it okay if the baby fish comes off its mark temporarily?” I thought Rules 3 and 23 dictate an easy “Yes,” but now I know what the problem was. It’s been the word “still,” which hints toward the need for uninterrupted contact. Sorry about that! Please ignore the word “still” with regard to fish-dependent scoring, and know that Rule 23 applies: The baby fish only needs to be on its mark at the END of the match.

But what is considered “on its mark?” Does it just have to be touching the white boarder, or does it have to be exactly inside the outline?

The Mission says the baby fish must be “touching” it’s mark, and the Update quoted above confirms this means at the end of the match.

Touching is defined in Rule 22, which includes the sentence, “Any amount of direct contact counts as touching.”