Baby Yoda Star Wars Copyrights

I would like to use baby yoda on my team’s t-shirt design and I could not find the information about whether it is okay to use because of the copyrights or not.
Can I use baby yoda for my team’s t-shirts?


I don’t believe teams are granted any use of Star Wars IP by the sponsorship this year. Disney probably won’t kick down your door, but it’s probably better to just not try it.

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You may want to look at FIRST’s guidelines for provided materials.

I don’t like your odds.


Sad Baby Yoda


As a legal matter, it’s not OK. It’s copyright infringement and Disney would have a right to sue you.

As a practical matter, you’re more likely to get flack from whoever prints your T-shirts.

I agree with @CEF that it is a legal matter, but read up on Fair Use. Practically speaking even if your use qualifies as Fair Use you risk legal action, but only if the right/wrong person becomes aware of the use. Shirt designs are a good chance for a budding artist on your team to create an original work.


I seem to recall Lucasfilm being quite happy to allow teams use of some Star Wars IP in the past, provided they were, you know, asked about it. Maybe I’m just crazy though.
(Assuming Yiddle doesn’t somehow belong to Disney instead of Lucasfilm.)

But you are probably best off seeing if your team has any artsy types who want to make something original.

Apparently, this is a thing as of a few days ago. Not sure if there’s going to be a public announcement, but I’d shoot FIRST marketing an email.


happy baby yoda



FYI - FIRST marketing will want to see your image first.

Baby yoda is making it on our shirt

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It just says to email if you aren’t sure. Probably looking for unacceptable derivative works that would hurt the branding more than just a direct copy paste.

Your printer isn’t going to take your word that you have permission to use Disney copyrighted images.

When you contact FIRST marketing for permission for your printer, they will ask you to send in your artwork first.

Your printer may be more scrupulous than some of the ones I’ve worked with then…

That makes much more sense to review.

Well, we are in San Diego - spitting distance from the House of Mouse. Disney has a rep for rabid lawyers.

Our printer thought Star Wars was a piece of cake - it was Disney she feared.
Yes - they had not heard that Disney owns Star Wars now. Oops.


This is the single best first post I have ever seen.


Why didn’t you pick a baby yoda eating bone broth?

It’s legal to make something with a Baby Yoda on it, but it is not legal to distribute anything with Baby Yoda

And this similarly cute guy’s image and likeness is copyright by Warner.