Babysitting fundraiser implications?

Our team was thinking of doing a large scale babysitting fundraiser for our team. Our idea was something like on Valentine’s Day, rent out a large room at a local facility and charge parents for a night (5-10) babysitting, while they go out. We would likely play a movie, make popcorn, supervise kids and help them to the bathroom, etc. All for a fee per kid.
Has anyone ever done this before, and if so, do you have any tips or things we should watch out for, i.e something like making sure everyone has an emergency contact form.

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Make sure your insurance covers this, no idea how it works up North. If you have the means to do it consider a robotic themed event so it ties in with outreach such as Lego building projects or a take-home art project. You will also likely need to have at least one adult on site and should have someone certified in first aid/CPR. Consider the fellowship hall of church, or a community center. If it’s from 5-10 consider dinner or snack needs (besides popcorn…which is a great idea and sometimes will be donated by movie theaters) and age limits. It would be best if all kids were potty-trained. The emergency contact forms is good and watch out for food allergies. 5 hours of babysitting would run people $50+ in our area in home, so $35-40/kid would be a good price point. Our team hasn’t done this, but PTAs in our area have and we’ve gone to them with our kids, but our team has done STEM nights at the community center and they are great fun. Good luck!!

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We have done something similar before, but we didnt market it as babysitting. We called it “I :heart: Robots Camp” and did it on a Friday or Saturday night around Valentines Day for a few hours. We did robot demos, lego building, a small robot related craft project and a movie.

Are you tied to a school or other entity? If so, consult with that organization. If not, try and find a lawyer. There’s a lot of room for liability, here. Even if your insurance covers it, there may be other risks you’re taking.

Keep in mind that when asking questions on Chief, you’re asking the general public who is generally not an expert in these types of things and certainly does not know all of your specific circumstances. If you just want to brainstorm potential roadblocks, this is an okay starting point. But you should probably talk to some qualified rather than us.

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