Back of badge "mini schedule"

First I have to give credit where credit is due. Thank you to Team 141 WOBOT for creating this.

They made a “mini schedule” spreadsheet that you can print out, it will fit in the back of your badge that FIRST gives everyone. We found it incredibly convenient to look down at your badge and see your teams match schedule, rather than pulling out your phone or looking at a traditional paper schedule .

Download the spread sheet and enter your teams schedule. After that you can print off copy’s for your team to use.

All thanks go to 141.


This is a great idea. I should copy this even for regular events, you could print these out and keep them in your pocket for quick reference.

Thanks and shoutout to 141 who brought us to Daly finals in Detroit last year and gave the “27s alliance” a good fight before they eventually went to Einstein. Good luck this week!

The regional I volunteered for did this for important info. It was printed on a sticker sheet (another option) and adhered to the back of the badge. Very useful, but I didn’t realize it until the last day.


Thank you immensely!!

This is one of those “why didn’t I think of that before” ideas which is incredibly useful.

This is a good idea. Pro tip: attach it upside down.

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I wonder how well this would fit in one of those wrist notebook things…

My daughter used to write their schedule on her arm …

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