Back to balls.

I hope they revert.

Well, FIRST does have a strange tendency to go back to balls after a year of something else, especially since 2002 (balls, bins, balls, tetras).

Much as some people might joke of inflatable clowns, I’m predicting that there will be some sort of COTS gamepiece. Now, whether that is playground balls or footballs or soda bottles or shopping carts from the local Piggly Wiggly, we don’t know.

(And to think, in four months we’ll be swamped by whatever it is.)

I see it like this. What are the three symbols of FIRST? A square, a circle, and a triangle. In 2003 they used the bins (square), 2004 they used the balls (circle), 2005 they used tetras (triangle). I think they will go back to bins or something having to do with a square.

That theory is way too over used… I’d like to point out that almost anything that might be used in a game could be considered a circle, square, or triangle. Sorry. :wink:

One can contend the “symbol theory” for games within themselves, as well.

For instance, the 2000 Crew shirt consisted of a side view of the ball trough (a triangle), a circle (a yellow ball, that year also had black ones), and a square piece of diamond plate.

My theory is that they read these posts, then try to throw everybody a curve ball. Or throw a bunch of ideas in a box and let a monkey pick it. Or maybe a robot monkey…

OR FIRST might invent a new kind of shape they might use like a terte-ball LOL!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

My idea is that the game is designed and developed by July and is well under beta testing by now…


but yeah, i do hope they do something simple this year. tetras seemed a bit too much. i also hope they vary some sizes(2004) and just make the game multi dimensional.

Well, the game couldn’t have been completely designed by July, though probably they had about 90% of the major details worked out, and are just fine tuning it (Beta Testing =/= Fine Tuning).


blow up plastic punching clowns…

and a volkswagen beetle


(800th post)

I’ve heard something about using more than one shape, tetras, boxes, and balls. That’d be wild! For some reason my mind tells me that first would keep that for an anniversary or something.

Hmmm, I’m going to have to go with the blow up clowns. Personally I think FIRST goes with whatever shape they find most around the office. Who knows, maybe next year you’ll have to use log shaped pieces like a giant game of robo-pickup sticks :smiley: .

Hmmm. Funny you should mention that. Somebody once told me that Tammy Trimble used to be a majorette…


Could you be any more vague than that, Dave?

O God, I had to ask it. Now we’ll never learn anything from him.

September 19, 2005: It’s begun.

Hmm…I was wondering what FIRST was going to do with all that PVC pipe from this year’s tetras.

Yes, but we all know that Tammy has traded in her 1st baton for 324 of them.


Well, whatever object they choose, I do hope it goes back to a multi-tasking game. 2003 seemed very one-dimensional (at least it ended up that way), 2004 was awesome, 2005 was pretty 1-D again. I like seeing huge variety in robots, being able to see robots that really compliment your own. And have multi-D game really allows for that. I found 2004 to be extremely exciting to watch, and very diverse robots and strategies, compared to '03 and '05. And '03 was too easy to watch and figure out the score, while '05 was the opposite. I found '04 to be a great middle.

I have been watching video from '92 through '05, and they have used balls a LOT. Split opinion - depending on the game tasks, balls would be a great comeback, but it’s very interesting to see new objects, and new robot designs that haven’t been done before.

I would like to either see a combination of shapes or possibly no shapes at all. Like maybe a obstacle coarse!

well i think we can all agree that is going to be some sort of simple shape (triangle, rectangle, circle, etc) because its not like they would have us do something crazy like dig tunnels in a sand pit! and it definitley wont be water…every year someone on delphi starts the thread about how they are going to involve water…i dont think that FIRST is that crazy… water + robots + electricity = not for FIRST.