Back-to-Build Mentor Dinner

The latest addition to the NEMO resource page is “How to Host a “Back to Build” Mentors-Dinner”.

The Baltimore Area Alliance has found this event worth the minimal effort to organize since 2007 and is looking forward to January 14, 2013.

You can find the paper under the “Mentors” heading on NEMO

Looks like a great idea/resource! One of our other NEMO mentors has been formulating an idea such as this and I have forwarded the document to her.


**Invites going out to all teams in Maryland. **
Monday January 14, 2013 from 6:30-8:30pm. Sponsored by the Baltimore Area Alliance together with the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab and the Chesapeake Regional Planning Committee.
Up to 4 mentors/team invited. No students.
Registration through Eventbrite. Contact me if you are a mentor on a Maryland team and need the link. Info will also be in the registration packets at kickoff.

The BAA is looking forward to seeing the 50 mentors representing 17 teams, as well as the Senior Mentors, VISTA’s and RD from DC and MD, and the Head Ref and the Lead Robot Inspector from Chesapeake. This is always a fun evening with lots of questions answered and collective brainstorming.

Thanks to the 50 mentors who attended the dinner and discussion last night, representing 18 teams and FIRST leadership in MD and DC.

A special thank you to Anne and Steve Shade for their very useful insights, Famous Dave’s for dinner and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab for hosting the space.

It was a great evening spent!