Back up your work!

Ok for all of you who are doing the Chairman’s Award creation for your team, I would suggest Major Back Up… Jenni and I had almost our whole Chairmans Award done… it took us close to 5 weeks and over 100 hours for each of us to do, at least one of us, if not both, has been working on it everyday since the build started and we had a huge file full of all the stuff we were using in it, EVERYTHING was there. Then, some kids from our school deleted it this morning the whole thing is completely gone and we have to ship it out by Tuesday at the latest. Right now we are trying desperately to recover it somehow, but so far we’ve had no such luck so now we will probably have to cram over 100 hours of work into tomorrow night and this coming weekend to redo our whole presentation, it really sucks. So if you havent made a back up of your award stuff yet, do it now. I wish we had made better backups but we never thought anything like that would happen. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Were u using Windows XP or Windows ME (i think it does the same)?

If so you could probably do a system restore (pretty cool feature) and i’m pretty sure that would bring it back…

Just an idea…

p.s. If you really wanted to i thought there were programs that you could buy to retreive lost “stuff”.

We tried, the program ran for over 12 hours and it didn’t find ANY of our deleted files. We did find however, on the network a backed up copy of it from a week and a half before that one of our other members made without telling anyone (He really Really saved us), which helped immensely because we didn’t need to recapture some of the movies and we had most pictures and powerpoint slides too so all we had to redo was reput it into the format and reedit things and then recaptured what we’d done since then that wasn’t backed up but thats it, We will be ok now.


Glad to hear things are OK. I can relate, it’s happened once here too. Best of luck at regionals, we’re rooting for the cheeseheads!