Backburner Questions

Hello,right now it is 3am where I live and I am comtemplating a problem (which is very common in FIRST, and if you have not found this out, you probably don’t realize that there are deadlines!! :slight_smile: ). So I figured that I would bring it to the forums.

I was playing around with backburner a while ago and I tried to render an avi using it. I had 2 computers logged into the manager and then I submitted a task to the manager from one of the machines, when I did so it assigned the task to the faster computer and did nothing with the other one. I was wondering if there was a way to have multiple computers rendering one scene at the same times using backburner. Is there an option that I did not set or simthing? Thanks a bunch!!!

-Brian Jennings (Lead animator for Rookie team 1519 Mechanical Mayhem)

In order to do that you need to put each Backburner Server into the same Manager… so when you submit a job both CPUs will work as one…


I though that is what I did, here is exactly what I did:

Started the manager on my computer.

Started the server on my computer

Started the server on another computer

The manager registered both systems

I submitted the task from my system.

the task got assigned to my system only, it said the other system was idle. I tested it by submitting another task before the first one was finished, then it assigned the seconed task to the other computer.

What did I do wrong?

Thank you very much!

–Brian Jennings

The reason that only one PC is being used is because the output file is AVI. If you want multiple computers rendering at the same time on the same scene, you need to render TARGAS. When the output is set to targas, each PC will render a frame and save the image with a number attached to it. Once you have scene rendered, go into Premiere or whatever post-production program you use and import one of the targas with “Numbered Stills” checked. The program will automatically put together the rest of the targas…

Hope that helps. :smiley:

Hey really good help!!! thnx

Thank you very much, I tried rendering it to Targa’s and it sent the task out to all the systems logged into the manager… Thanks Again!