Background Check

I was wondering what your take on this is.

At first glance it seems like this is really for the good of all. We’ll have to wait and see how the system plays out in the end, but it doesn’t seem like it’ll be a real hassle.

the school board made me go thru alll this stuff in the first place so, im good

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A lot of the points already made are very good responses.

This isn’t so much for the students protection as it is to prevent FIRST from being bombarded with lawsuits. While it is nice to have the preliminary screening, in my opinion it is more of a hassle than it is worth. Of course, back to the legal issues, it most likely is here to stay. Any court would see that FIRST took reasonable measures to prevent any harm and would most likely dismiss the case…

Perhaps it is just me but I understand the adults getting background checks and such but has anyone thought about the students? Most teams have an application process (ours does) but I don’t think any of them ask about such things as crimal background. It goes without saying that we shouldn’t have to but just watching the news everyone knows that violence and crime has increased alot. You don’t know who your kids are hanging out with and you don’t really know what your teammates may have done in the past. Perhaps I am being a little too concerned and a worry wort but…well…I know a kid in my class was arrested and put in jail for almost a year yet still participated in intimate affairs of the school. I just worry, that’s all.