Backpack Missing After Day 3 of Champs


I am missing a black SwissGear Backpack (the super generic ones that everybody has) that contained a laptop, mouse, a Garmin, and other items like earbuds, backup phone battery, etc… Nothing crazy valuable, but I would like to get it back if possible.

The backpack was last seen sitting just outside 4967’s pit on our disassembled crate (we took the crate and bot home ourselves). I didn’t notice it was missing until after closing ceremonies on Saturday, so it was too late to ask pit admin.

I’ve heard FIRST has a lost and found, but I haven’t been able to find any type of contact info or lost item forms. Any advice on how I should go about this process, or information on the bags whereabouts, is greatly appreciated.


This email blast from last year.

And there is nothing following Worlds about a lost and found, so I assume it is the same procedure whether it is a regional or Championship event.

Lost and Found items from FRC competitions eventually make their way to FIRST Headquarters. Contact them about your missing items, and expect not to get a good response for a week or two.

OK, thanks for the advice!

The bag in question is shown in this photo.